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Who we are

Frostbyte Consulting is the leading Canadian company focused on world class environmental, health, safety and quality (EHS) business information solutions. We enable our clients to effectively comply with regulatory and market driven obligations while improving inefficiencies and decreasing risk.

Frostbyte combines industry leading compliance and information systems expertise to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Safety Management

  • Occupational Health

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Environment Management

  • Carbon Management

  • Asset Management

  • Management of Change

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Operational Risk

Frostbyte's clients include many of the largest companies in Canada, with operations that stretch across the globe.  For over fifteen years, Frostbyte has worked in diverse regulatory environments and successfully implemented solutions for companies with unique requirements and complex technical environments. 

What we do


Organizations today share a common set of challenges in EHS information management. Rapidly evolving regulations and reputational challenges require that companies respond effectively and efficiently, maintaining compliance while taking advantage of the business value of data. You don’t need to tackle this problem on your own. Frostbyte has deep experience with EHS information management challenges and brings a wide array of best practices based on decades of experience and dozens of solutions. Frostbyte drives toward solutions which are accurate, complete, transparent, well governed, and above all, widely usable within your organization.


Frostbyte works with industry associations, federal and provincial regulators, and a wide variety of clients to stay ahead of emerging regulatory challenges and develop common best practices for effective, efficient compliance at minimal cost. We work closely with our clients to analyze the regulatory landscape, identify impacts to organizations early and mitigate risks through effective organizational changes, including processes and systems, with a focus on change management. Effective, timely responses to regulatory challenges allow clients to manage change and risk on their terms, rather than having to react suddenly and possibly expensively, when compliance obligations are due.


Organizing the diverse compliance obligations and business priorities of your organization into a cohesive strategy is critical in delivering effective, efficient EHS processes. EHS processes must support the goals and strategy of your organization, demonstrate rock-steady compliance, and generate additional business value whenever possible. Frostbyte works with clients to understand their priorities and develop an integrated strategy, centralizing EHS information around an organization’s assets and people. Frostbyte assists clients with defining software needs, identifying global software leaders as candidates, and assessing the proper fit for the client’s functional and technical requirements.



Implementing a major software package is not something many companies do on a regular basis. There is complexity in the requirements, priorities and constraints a company faces during an implementation, and it is important to understand what is critical to an effective solution and where challenges will be encountered. Diverse stakeholders, including internal information systems teams with their own constraints, can add complications if not properly and proactively managed. Frostbyte is Canada’s most experienced and successful implementer of global-leading EHSQ software packages. Frostbyte has dozens of successful implementations at major Canadian and global organizations. Change management is a particular focus of Frostbyte implementations – solutions must be introduced within an organization’s user community and leadership effectively, with proper consideration for communication and transition activities to ensure success.


Frostbyte supports and sustains many environmental and health and safety solutions for clients. Support includes management of computer servers, delivery of all levels of support (Tier 1, 2, 3) and ongoing training. Frostbyte also delivers enhancements and updates solutions for changes to client’s assets and requirements over time through a Managed Service. Good governance and change management is critical to the success of solutions over time.

How we can help

We help companies select, implement, and build environmental, health, safety and quality systems. These systems enable companies to effectively comply with regulatory and market-driven obligations while improving operational efficiencies and decreasing risk.  Expert Frostbyte consultants work to understand your needs and define a solution that is unique to your business, your requirements, and your resources.

Frostbyte’s solutions support management activities and corporate goals by:

  • Cost effectively managing compliance responsibilities and concerns across all EHSQ functions
  • Providing a single operating system platform across organizational units
  • Linking different data repositories, applications, and document management systems
  • Tracking sustainability performance versus key performance indicators
  • Eliminating manual data gathering, calculation and reporting procedures
  • Ensuring correct and complete receipt and delivery of all compliance information
  • Supporting audit and verification trails
  • Providing proactive internal audit and verification of compliance obligations
  • Reducing regulatory risks
  • Tracking regulatory change and managing compliance response effectively

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