Management Consulting

Risk Management

Frostbyte Consulting approaches all environment, health, safety and quality challenges through a risk analysis and prioritization approach.  Once identified EHSQ risks are prioritized based on potential severity and likelihood, as well as effectiveness of existing processes and systems to mitigate or avoid risk.  Where challenges are identified that leave a client at substantial risk of non-compliance or inefficient operations, a response is developed in consultation with the client.  Solutions to outstanding risk include a mix of people, processes and technology.  Implementation of the solution is then managed through enhanced processes and systems, with a focus on success through careful and continuous change management activities.  Fundamental to the entire risk management process is the prioritized list of risks, mitigation/avoidance strategies, and a roadmap outlining where the client is and where the client wants to go to support corporate goals, whether they be growth, stability or world class compliance.


Needs assessment, business cases and Roadmapping

Frostbyte works with clients to manage regulatory, organizational and technology risks and deliver effective management information and operational improvements.  

Risk is understood in the context of a client's asset mix and vintage, operating jurisdictions, regulatory forecast, and experience with compliance effectiveness and deviations.  The cost of compliance is measured both by potential or realized risk of operation disruption and cost of compliance activities.  

The response to risk is informed by a review of industry best practices, the client's business plan and  technology and cost constraints.  Frostbyte develops a functional and technical Roadmap with a client to address material risk and inefficiency.  The Roadmap is then used to frame specific Needs Assessments, develop Business Cases, requirements are determined and specific processes and solutions are assessed for implementation.


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