MSAPR Compliance Optimization

Reducing your cost and risk

What is MSAPR's impact to you?

  • Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR), in force as of June 2016, require owners and operators of stationary spark-ignition gaseous-fuel-fired engines to limit the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted
  • Decisions to spend capital to “upgrade” your units for compliance are not straightforward
  • The new rules allow for many options on how to manage your emissions and costs
  • Effective decision making will require that you manage each aspect of this complex problem:
    • Ensure the equipment data is complete and correct
    • Ensure the complexities of the compliance options have been strategically evaluated
    • Ensure operational and technology options have been effectively considered
    • Guarantee least cost of compliance

Our Approach to Lower Compliance Costs

Strategic planning and a focus on data management are critical to make the best equipment and compliance decisions and deliver the lowest cost of compliance.

  • Frostbyte is objective regarding operational, technology and vendor options
  • Frostbyte has extensive experience helping clients reduce compliance costs
  • Frostbyte recognizes that regulated owners and operators have different compliance needs. We provide full spectrum MSAPR compliance services – from engine inventory assessment screening to regulatory filings submissions to Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Frostbyte also offers a comprehensive full-cycle compliance service offering, through our rigorous four-stage compliance approach
  • Let us take care of your MSAPR compliance, so you can focus on your core business

Our Services and Products

Compliance and Risk Assessment

Frostbyte will support you to gather and QA equipment information, determine compliance requirements and provide risk ranking for all equipment.

Recommendations and Optimal Compliance Plan

Frostbyte will analyze all options objectively, present Recommendations, collaborate on your specific field operating requirements and constraints, and present a final Compliance Plan.  

Frostbyte will assess all compliance options, considering each of the following: 

  • MSAPR Engine Grouping
  • Engine Testing Costs
  • Engine Modifications
  • Regulatory NOx reduction milestones
  • Production Decline and Service Levels
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures

We are able to do this effectively by making use of our strong strategic partnerships with emissions testing and engineering companies.

Scheduling and Execution of Compliance Activities

Frostbyte will schedule testing services as required by the MSAPR Regulation and the compliance plan.  With our in house scheduling systems, we work with our clients to ensure activities are always up to date and compliant with MSAPR regulation.

Reporting and MSAPR Data Submission

As the final step to the regulation, Frostbyte will submit all MSAPR data to Environment and Climate Change Canada. This includes the submission of the following reports:

  • Non-application
  • Engine Registry
  • Compliance Report

Case Studies

Read about how Frostbyte has helped save energy companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential compliance costs here.

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